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Structure IV & Structure V, 2018, Steel, Perspex, MDF, Scaffold netting, enamel, pigment. 75x160x21cm, 45X160X21cm.

Structure VI, 2018, Steel, Perspex, MDF, Enamel, Scaffold netting. 100x160x21cm.

Structure VIII, 2018, Steel, Perspex, MDF, Oil, Pigment, resin.


Structure II & Structure III, 2018, Steel, 100x160x21cm, 45x160x21cm.

Untitled, 2018, Scaffold netting, pigment, acrylic dispersion on canvas, 59x85cm.

Strike Site I, 2018, Steel, Acrylic on canvas, dimensions variable.

Santa Barbara & Structure I, 2018, Steel, Silkscreen print on canvas, 120x100x15cm.

Untitled, 2018, Unique silkscreen print on Perspex, wood, LED lights, 100x70x15cm.

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