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Memory Traces, 2019, Steel, Perforated steel, Oil on steel panel. 100x50x22cm

Planetary Dysphoria (Installation shot), 2019, Generation & Display, London

Diptych WBS70, 2019, Steel, Perspex, Scaffold netting, hand stitched strings. 100x35x35cm 180x130x35cm. Collaboration with sustainable all-gender tailoring brand Studio Daniel Kluth.


Untitled (Cobalt Blue), 2019, Oil and scaffold netting on canvas, aluminium alloy frame, 120x75cm.

Yellow on black (1 of 1).jpg

Untitled (Yellow on black), 2019, Monoprint and tesa tape on aluminium, 50x25cm.


Untitled I (White Monochrome), 2019, Aluminium & Perspex, 63x50x4cm.

Untitled (blue triptych).jpg

Untitled (blue triptych), 2019, Gesso, pigment and cast iron powder on perforated aluminium, 50x25x16cm (each).

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